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Frequently Asked Questions

I did't receive the activation link. How do I proceed?

First, please check your spam. Second, if you did not receive the email, you can use the forgot password feature on the login page to get back an activation link.

Is it possible to be informed in advance of the availability of new pipelines?

You can enable "Beta" notification in your profile to receive platform news in advance, such as the availability of new pipelines.

Is it possible to deactivate emails?

Only e-mails send upon successful completion of jobs may be disabled. Change "Send progress notification by email" in your profile E-mails regarding failed jobs or general platform information will still be sent.

Is it possible to retrieve jobs after 30 days?

As explained in our Terms of use, after 30 days, all the images, data and the results are deleted forever and cannot be recovered.

How to cite the use of the platform or of a specific pipeline?

See bottom of homepage

Is it possible to submit DICOM images directly?

No, the currently only supported format is compressed Nifti: ".nii.gz". Please read the tutorial for help on format convertion.

A given pipeline is crashing with my images. How do I proceed?

Please, check the pipeline description first to see what the requirements are, especially the expected modality. In particular, our pipelines require unprocessed images. They will most likely fail if you submit an image where the brain is cropped and is not visible in its entirety. Additionally, pipeline failures are expected if you submit an image acquired with a contrast agent, such as gadolinum for example.