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vol2Brain is a pipeline dedicated to automatically analyze MRI brain data. It gets an anonymized MRI brain volume in NIFTI format and produces a pdf report with the volumes of the whole brain structures (135 different structures) and the thickness of cortical structures.

Labelling protocol

An improved version of the Neuromorphometrics protocol has been used. Main changes consist of reducing cortical grey matter overestimation, correction of labeling errors and improvement of label consistency. The new protocol also includes new structures such as external CSF and white matter lesions (see PDF for details).



Once the process is finished, you will be notified by e-mail so you will be able to download a package including some image files and two (CSV and PDF) reports providing all the volumetry values calculated from the segmentations. As you can see in the figure below, the PDF includes patient information, the volumes of parenchyma, brain tissues, macrostructures and 135 brain structures as well as asymmetry indexes. Finally, it also includes several snapshots from the different labeling steps as a quality control.

Download PDF Report



J. V. Manj├│n, J. E. Romero , R. Vivo-Hernando, G. Rubio, F. Aparici, M. de la Iglesia-Vaya, P. Coupe. vol2Brain: A new online Pipeline for whole Brain MRI analysis. Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, 16, 2022. PDF